Developing a brand name is subject to registration as a trademark, taking into account the company's marketing goals and brand positioning strategy.

With its experience of creating and developing brands Braind is the market leader. The trademarks that we create are popular in the market, and the audience of consumers loyal to us is growing every year.

Stages of Brand Naming:

• Technical task The client formulates in detail the purpose and objectives of creating or changing the name.

• Market analysis At this stage, approaches and general trends of both local and international companies are considered, and the possibility of copying competitors is excluded.

• Idea development A preliminary list of possible names is compiled, which is then filtered in accordance with the presented marketing task. The idea of development is the most important and crucial stage in the development of the name on which the entire business system is based.

• Choice of options At this stage, all versions that do not meet the specified technical requirements with their sound and associative standards are excluded.

• Primary check The availability of the name in its appropriate class is being verified  through the intellectual property database