Why at all one does branding? To become recognizable and memorable. Branding is the answer when thinking how a company can differentiate itself from all the other companies producing the same product or offering the same services. Why an already doing good business needs branding or rebranding? To tell about how good it does at first glance, even to hint what it does and make a promise to its customer. A well-branded company is the one that creates emotional and physical bond with customers and sometimes even is on their mind when thinking about specific product or service. The right visual image that will be created in result of branding will push and support the marketing and advertising that will follow to get to the people’s minds and hearts. So what you get when you acquire branding service from braind. We give a meaning to your company. And how we do it? We present you differing concepts of naming and logo design combined, then create brand identity and provide you with brand guidelines to make your very own image and story.