The branding process is a set of activities aimed at creating a new brand. From the development of a positioning strategy to the stage of developing a visual image (name, logo, corporate identity and other corporate components). The main goal is to create a complete brand image and give it a competitive advantage. We do not create packaging, logo or corporate identity, but influential and positive associations, which, thanks to their simple and minimalistic solutions, turn into a competitive business. The process begins with creating a name until the visual elements are fully adapted to various environments, including internal branding of commercial spaces. When developing a brand, we also take into account the characteristics of the business, the competitive environment and market saturation.

Branding Stages

1.  Marketing analysis - a stage of collecting necessary  information on which the whole process of future work is built. In the course of our research, we study the experience of both national and international markets, as well as current business development trends.

2.  Development of a positioning strategy - at this stage, the main directions of the brand positioning strategy and visual communication are clearly defined, as well as the main advantages of the brand for consumers. The positioning process is mainly carried out by choosing an influential slogan and effective advertising media (SMM).

3.  Creating a brand name (naming) - creating a special name and legal protection process is one of the key stages of successful branding. In the course of research, we share a list of names, and as a result of extensive discussions, we choose three options, based on which various concepts are provided to the client.

4.  Creating a logo - at the stage of creating a logo, a graphic image of the brand, the main colors and corporate identity, on which the visual branding strategy is based, are developed. During the work, the technical task (brief) presented by the client is also taken into account, and during the joint discussion, the main colors and positioning features are clarified.

5.  Packaging design (packaging design) - an obligatory stage of product branding, through which the product is distinguished by its attractiveness and ease of use on congested store shelves. It also affects sales. At this stage, the beginning of work is the provision of a printed knife, container or bottle intended for the client.

6.  Brandbook development - a stage of developing a strategic guide to the brand and brand management for a client. A brandbook contains full information about the brand (logo design rules, corporate identity elements, font usage, color code information and other corporate identity accessories). After the delivery of the brand book files, the quality of their management is very important in order to minimize deviations in the implementation phase.