Vostan Restaurant Branding

Client: Tsirani Restaurant Complex

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Color Scheme:

Huge, General, Capital, the royal city and country - here are the main words that put a base in the main idea of Vostan naming and its brand developing with its whole concept. The restaurant is situated in the beautiful building on Abovyan street, which has gorgeous old door which became the key design element. During the building renovations all elements started to reunite in idea of creating the old little Armenian city with its culture, atmosphere and backyards. While being situated in the very heart of Yerevan, the backyard creates secluded corner with old exterior components and cozy seating places. Insource production, freshly baked Armenian bread, lavash, pastries and confiture in a small shop - are the things that were recreated in Vostan as a nice extension of Tsirani Home and Tsirani Garden restaurants.

After getting the final logotype, other brand elements got their beautiful visualization. The most attractive piece of Vostan brand is menu. As everything in the restaurant should have imposing view, the idea of using a leather as a material was immediately accepted by the team. We decided to make special food photography that served for menu as a part of design concept. Only vintage and ancient utensils were used during photo shooting.

Another thing that we are very proud is the bill box, which itself is like a little ancient wooden door to a magical place.

Continuing the notion of royal city (capital) we decided to decorate the interior of the restaurant with pictures of old doors of Yerevan and Gyumri, as well as the architectural components of these two cities.

There are only two main colors - black and white, which characterize the restaurant as solid and simple at the same time elegant and luxurious brand. These two colors created the whole atmosphere of brand components, pointing out the main idea - ornaments.

As the door is the bold and main piece of the building, we took its elements and ornaments and tried to use it everywhere, from logo to packaging. The beautiful ornaments of Sirins are painted in arch part of the door, which were mainly used in Armenia and can be found in different old notions in Armenia. You can see those sirins in Vostan logo. All other ornaments of the door were used in brand visuals.

And here are all the brand elements and ornaments of the gorgeous door applied on the brand items shot on genuine black.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic designer

Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project manager

Christina Arutyunova

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