Stay Home Social Posters | COVID-19

Client: Public Journalism Club

Country: Armenia

Year: 2020

Working remotely while quarantined at home because of Covid-19 is truly challenging but it’s important to understand it’s the only way to flatten the curve. The other challenge is to stay positive and urge also the others to stay home by the techniques and channels we have. So when we were asked by Public Journalism Club to create #stayhome posters with different dialects and languages of Armenia and Artsakh, we knew it should be relatable, agreeable and familiar. So we used our Braind Modernism font and the recognizable beautiful landscapes of Armenia to create these eleven posters. 

The engagement that we had on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn was incredible. The comments weren’t stopping to appear suggesting their own version of #stayhome in their dialects and just share words of appreciation. All this got to the point when we were asked by Ministry of Health of Armenia to make also billboards to place all over Armenia.

Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

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