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Type: Branding | Logo Design

Country: Armenia

Year: 2016

Color Scheme:

How often do you find yourself in a situation of choice? You have a goal and you know how to move forward to it, you clearly realize that the way is going through self-education and at this very moment you begin to look for opportunities. Skill’s mission is to provide everyone an opportunity to acquire and develop professional and life skills.

Braind was to name and design a brand that was going to become a platform for those who choose the way of self-development and improvement. The name was to be vivid and short to be easily memorable and convenient for domain. The branding was to be eye-catching, bright and colorful to be attractive for youth, the main target auditorium of the website.

Brand items are smart and bright as the people who want to develop and acquire new skills. They are spectacular enough to rock as Skill does it itself. The main purple and the other brand colors are called to make you memorize the brand and go on to register for another amazing master class.



Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Ani Tarjumanyan

Project Manager:

Branding Director: Karen Babajanyan

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