Proshyan Brandy Factory Website

Client: Proshyan Brandy Factory

Country: Armenia

Year: 2019

Those companies are ahead of others that are aware of the time to make changes. Proshyan Factory makes changes permanently and so continues to grow the share on the local market and to enter new markets in new countries. Next in line were the logo and the website that we designed years ago. For the logo we had to keep the idea of presenting the main building of Proshyan factory but to design it to match the image and honor the company has gained during decades. 

For the website redesign we had more space to show creative approach and we did it to change it totally. Now you can study the history of the factory since the founding presented by significant years and photos. You can easily find your desired product by categories or scroll to get acquainted with all the product line enjoying pleasantly clean design whether on mobile or tablet screen. Or in case of not finding the information you need you can still do it by filling the contact form.

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

UI/UX designer

Lilit Geghamyan

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