Pamp Honey Branding Pamp Honey Branding

Pamp Honey Branding

Client: AND Ltd.

Type: Naming, Packaging, Logo Design

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

The challenge was to package so tasty (we’ve tried it surely) natural honey made in three different regions of Armenia. We had to also name the honey and create logo for it. So our team ate the honey, got inspired and started working. We created already loved character of a bear whose paw is striving to reach the beehive. The bear got into different “difficult” situations and adventures on the jars of every type of honey and even did it with the squirrel. So the paw made the greedy bear the face of the company and inspired us to name this honey "Pamp". Pamp in Armenian stands for bear's paw. 

Company  website:

Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan, Lilit Paronikyan

Project Manager: Anaida Babajanyan

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