Orange Fitness Premium Club

Client: Orange Fitness Premium Club

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

Orange Fitness is a premium class fitness center that offers multiple choices of sport activities. Gym and group fitness workouts instructed by professional trainer consultants, sports playgrounds, swimming pool and even SPA center - all can be found here, in Orange Fitness. For this huge center of sport leisure and healthy lifestyle we were tasked to do rebranding and develop corporate identity. The brand colors were called to be black and white to reflect offered premium-level services. We didn't leave aside the photo style and did a few photoshoots to get the lifestyle cool photos presenting the coaches, atmosphere and equipment. We kept the branding simple but made it to talk for itself. 

To represent the fitness center on the Internet, we have alsoimproved their website, so that the clients may find all the necessary information, from types of activities to the daily schedule including information on workouts and coaches.

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan