Mets Aniv Website Live Preview

Mets Aniv Website Live Preview

Mets Aniv Website Mets Aniv Website

Mets Aniv Website

Client: Mets Aniv

Type: Website

Country: Armenia

Year: 2014

Color Scheme:

After learning the whole story of "Mets Aniv" («big tire» translated from Armenian), the company specialized on importing variety of tires to Armenia, we had an idea to present tհe redesigned logo for "Mets Aniv" as a solid trace of a tire. This would show the "trace" that company left on the tires market operating for year. Based on our research and our wish to reflect the message of the company’s new slogan – "Big wheel – secure processing" we offered new market positioning strategy for the company and developed a website for them. Surfing the new website you can find everything about their shops and the services they provide. You can also easily reach the products of wide range of brands exclusively imported to Armenia by Mets Aniv. Moreover, they have a useful tool now that allows you to check if there is the tire you need for your automobile before physically getting to the shop. 

Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Eduard Kankanyan

Front - End Developer: Samvel Hovsepyan

Project Manager: Karen Babajanyan

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