Mets Aniv Re-branding

Client: Mets Aniv

Country: Armenia

Year: 2014

Color Scheme:

The challenge was to rebrand "Mets Aniv" («big tire» translated from Armenian), the company specialized on importing variety of tires to Armenia.

Immediately after learning the whole story of the company we had an idea to present tհe redesigned logo for "Mets Aniv" as a solid trace of a tire. This would show the "trace" that company left on the tires market operating for years and the influence it has. New logo had a mission to assure the customers that the company imports and sells solely reliable and high quality tires and reflect the message of the company’s new slogan – "Big wheel – secure processing". Based on our research we offered new market positioning strategy for the company and developed a website and brand book.

Company website:

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Specialist

Karen Babajanyan