Kilikia Bistro Branding

Client: Kilikia Bistro

Country: Armenia

Year: 2019

We went back to the time of Cilician Armenia and had a look at state symbols under ruling dynasties. Studying Cilicia's significance in Armenian history and statehood and highlighting the peculiarity of formation of this state in 1080, we focused on the flag of the Rubenid Dinasty, founders of Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. The main element of it is the distinctive lion, the symbol of crown and power. This royal feeling was transferred to interior design continuing the visual image of the brand with specifics of classic Gyumri interiors mixed with architectural elements of medieval Cilician castles.

Interior design by Imageman Interior & Architecture

Branding Director

Karen Babajanyan

Project Manager

Masha Hayrapetyan

Graphic Designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

Graphic Designer

Anush Aleksanyan

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