Kaffa Eastern Coffee Packaging

Client: Kaffa Coffee

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Color Scheme:

There are a few versions telling stories and legends that elucidate the origin of word “kaffa”. But we prefer the one that most logically explains how the coffee was discovered and to whom we must be grateful for this divine drink. Here is the brief version of the myth: “Kaldi, the Ethiopian goatherd, noticing that when his goats were nibbling on the bright red berries of a certain bush, they became more energetic (jumping goats), chewed on the fruit himself. His exhilaration prompted him to bring the berries to a monk in a nearby Sufi monastery, but the Sufi monk disapproved of their use and threw them into a fire, from which an enticing aroma billowed. The roasted beans were quickly raked from the embers, ground up, and dissolved in hot water, yielding the world's first cup of coffee.” So we considered this nice legend when were doing our research to name the product. This story also influenced our work while creating the packaging design.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Specialist

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

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