IDBank Rebranding

Client: Anelik Bank

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

The rapidly changing world creates serious challenges and issues for financial institutions, which must be solved for a bank to achieve long-term success. This is the way the bank has chosen to move in and the ongoing modernization process will reflect high quality customer service, innovations, new approaches and digitization. 

The choice of the name and the new logo was not accidental. The three triangular curves that form the basis of the logo of IDBank symbolize the uniqueness of a person through the fingerprint image and emphasize the individual approach of the bank to each customer. The new 3 colours of the brand are: white as the symbol of open and transparent system; grey as the symbol of personality and innovation and orange as the symbol of progress, youth and new approaches. 

At the moment you can already visit the renovated and rebranded branches in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia to catch the brand feeling of new innovative banking. 

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Director

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

Project manager

Masha Hayrapetyan

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