Hookup ALcoholic Cocktails

Client: Proshyan Brandy Factory

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

Hookup is not just an alcoholic cocktail, but an essential attribute of the clubbing culture and lifestyle. When buying Hookup you don't get just a drink or alcohol, you get an additional attribute to grab attention and show off.

Hookup brand presents 4% alcoholic refreshing cocktails. Getting inspired by nightlife and clubbing, the cocktails were named HookUp. It was a challenge to understand needs and preferences of these people with the same lifestyle. So studying the last trends, interests and popular topics among this audience, for the packaging was decided to decorate the bottles with doodle art. Going further, we made the psychedelic doodling glow in the dark to attract people in the darkness of the clubs and become a helpful attribute for hook up.

Go ahead to see how The Dieline referred to Hookup.

“What are you drinking?” may be one of the easier lines to pull out when you’re just dying to talk with someone cute at the bar, but with HookUp cocktails it’s actually quite fitting. These bottled cocktails have psychedelic doodles that glow in the dark, perfect for dimly lit clubs and for striking up conversation.


Art director

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic designer

Alexandr Hovhannisyan

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