Gurmenia Gastromarket Branding

Client: Gurmenia Gastromarket

Country: Armenia

Year: 2020

The name Gurmenia (gourmet + Armenia) was supposed to reflect the positioning and new word of the grocery store on the market, a different assortment of products that you may have searched for in Armenia’s supermarkets for a long time but could not find. Also in the case of the logo, we depicted our version of the consumer basket, with the basic necessities and those that we call the "little joys of life." Green leaves replacing the handles emphasize the emphasis of the grocery store on organic and eco products. The concept created by our team was continued by the slogan “Your tasty basket” which is easy to believe after the very first gastro-shopping in Gurmenia.

Branding Director

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic Designer

Anush Aleksanyan

Graphic Designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

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