Ginovkats Wine House Branding

Client: Figaro Group

Country: Armenia

Year: 2019

There is no word like Ginovkats in Armenian but if we split it into two parts “ginov kats” it literally means “stay with wine”. And there is no other place or few are in Yerevan with this variety of Armenian and foreign wines (we know, we made the wine list). This wine house already popular despite the design and interior imperfections had an evident need of full rebranding. So we tried to bring in a totally new concept while partially saving interior. The new concept was dedicated to that pleasant process of getting drunk gradually on quality wine. Here even the wine glasses get drunk, they are gradually emptied and the last one is fallen like you would after so many. You can notice this pattern in the refreshed interior and the branded elements. The logo itself is an opened wine bottle with cork from which is curved out Armenian or English versions of Ginovkats.

Branding Director

Karen Babajanyan

Project Manager

Masha Hayrapetyan

Graphic Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic Designer

Anush Aleksanyan

Graphic Designer

Narek Asryan

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