Garoun Healthy Cafe

Client: Aroghj Snund

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

For a few years Aroghj Snund was doing its best to fulfill their mission to give a chance to have healthy and tasty food on daily basis even to the busiest people. And after some time this blossomed into the idea of opening a cafe that will also serve the main principles of the company “tasty, useful, convenient”.  This also became a reason to name the cafe “Garoun” which means spring in Armenian. More vivid causes were the associations that spring generates: green, healthy, eco, new life, rebirth of nature and so on.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Director

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

Project manager

Christina Arutyunova

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