Food & Wine Society

Client: Semina Consulting

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

The challenge was to create a logo and logo book for Armenian Food and Wine Society which works with diligence to reveal and develop winemaking and drinking traditions and culture in Armenia.

What served as an inspiration for the creation of the logo of Armenian Food and Wine Society was the desire to depict the main idea lying on the basis. The logo pictures a dark pink jug with a pin-shaped bottom that together create a complete graphical symbol and demonstrate the idea of wine and the territory of Armenia. Jug brings forth the idea of history and ancient Armenia, the pin-shaped bottom points to the location, the roots- Armenia, and the dark pink is associated with the color of wine. What about the wheat spike on the jug, it illustrates the concept of food and harvest. These were the key concepts that had to be attained to, and as a result the logo for Armenian Food and Wine Society was born.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Specialist

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Alexander Hovhannisyan