Erebuni - Yerevan 2800 Branding

Client: Yerevan Municipality

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

It is surprising how many meaningful and important events brought the 2018 to Armenia, however, there is still one more very significant and long awaited event, which is the 2800th birthday of Yerevan. Just imagine a city with a history of 2800 years and thousand generations. This is a huge source of inspiration for our company, so we have created not only a colorful illustration of our city, but also a stylish font called “Yerevan”. We depicted the architectural monuments and buildings that are more than just constructions from stone; they bring beauty to the daily routine of our city. Thus, our illustration includes the ancient Armenian cuneiform, the heart of Yerevan- the City Hall and the Republic square. What is more we illustrated the "Renaissance of Armenia" monument, and meanwhile it reminds us about freedom and wisdom. Braind company is looking forward to new sunny events, which will make Yerevan even more atmospheric, warm and attractive.

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic designer

Ani Tarjumanyan

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