EPIC Branding & Web Design EPIC Branding & Web Design

EPIC Branding & Web Design

Client: EPIC International Summer School

Type: Branding | Website

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Color Scheme:

EPIC, one and only summer school in Armenia and in the region is so much youth inspiring and youth oriented that couldn’t be branded otherwise. Why EPIC? Because it is initiated to Educate through Playing to Inspire to Create. This is what we wanted to reflect in the logo and with the logo. Every word abbreviated is shown by its green element. Thus we have “+” for education, very well known “play” icon, a circle making out exclamation point combined with letter “I”, and an icon often used to show mechanism standing for starting creative processes.

The main brand colors were chosen to be intellectual blue and innovative green. The brand pattern was created using the icons denoting each epic letter. The brand elements were designed to be smart and fun as the idea and purpose of the summer school is.


Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Eduard Kankanyan

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