Don't Listen To Anybody Posters | COVID-19

Client: Braind

Country: Amenia

Year: 2020

Covid-19 is already in every country and in the times when we see extremely high death rates in Italy, Spain, France and US, when we have people quarantined, ill in the hospitals, medical workers not returning home for a long time, there are still people who as they say don't believe this is that dangerous pandemic that world hasn't seen ever. We can't imagine if it's a matter of intellectual level or blind optimism or the stage of denial but this way of thinking is another danger. We created a line of posters that illustrates all the sayings that nowadays can be heard by these people who don't want to admit the reality like "this all is a lie", "this is an ordinary flu", "it won't reach me", "this is about Chinese", "they will put microchips in us". So please keep staying home and don't listen to anybody saying things like this because the time we already spent at home will cost nothing if we stop following it now. 

Graphic Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

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