Dinebook App Redesign

Client: Dinebook

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

Here we present you our brainchild or Braindchild Dinebook app design with the latest updates. Now downloading or updating your Dinebook you will get some more features and some more pleasure while booking your table. If you are a new user you will find a helpful Gif that shows how to complete your booking. If you are active Dinebooker you will notice that now you can just tap to mention you would like to seat in non-smoking area or outside or if you need a baby chair. Below you can see our main screens with the new sections: “What's new” that will always keep you up to date on newly opened restaurants and cafes in Yerevan and “Events” that will gather in one place all the worthy happenings in our city. What’s the worthiest is now besides your Dinebook points you can make online payments with credit card or via IDram system. Besides, you can read the shortened versions of our foodie blog posts to know more about the Must Visit places.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

UI/UX designer

Lilit Geghamyan

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