Dilijan City Branding

Client: Dilijan City Municipality

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

We have always been excited about taking part in creating a better Armenia. We believe that for the past 6 years, by using the tools and techniques at our disposal, namely our deep understanding and vast expertise in design, we not only helped small and big Armenian businesses to grow and prosper, but also contributed to the country’s development directly.

Not only the most inspiring projects that we got the chance to work on were the ones connected to Armenia’s and its regions’ development but also we have, on several occasions, took the initiative upon ourselves and came up with some works aimed at improving the branding of regions such as Stepanavan, Areni and Dilijan.

For Dilijan branding we went back in history when it was known as a city where artists and craftsmen loved to live. It was a time when Dilijan had much more wooden houses with balconies where you could find gorgeous ornaments. One of those ornaments laid in the basis of the logo we created.

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan