Cofi Cofi Packaging Design

Client: Cofi Cofi Coffee

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Color Scheme:

In case you are a student, office worker, ready-to-go coffee lover or just admirer of nicely packaged things catch this one. 

There are three types of Cofi Cofi coffee: just 2 in 1 cold coffee, 3 in 1 with milk, and cappuccino. First one is for the ones who don't have time at all but have deadlines to finish work, submit student work or just remain awake on classes after a "busy" night. The second one is dedicated to the ones who want to spend some peaceful moments enjoying their coffee or the ones who drink so many cups of coffee during the day that need some milk inside not to get wholly caffeinated. And eventually, our beloved cappuccino. It's about making your saturated day a little bit brighter when you are on the way to accomplish your daily tasks. We took all these moments that make us want some coffee every day and got this packaging design.

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