Classic Burger Rebranding Classic Burger Rebranding

Classic Burger Rebranding

Client: Classic Authentic Burger Joint

Type: Branding | Packaging

Country: Armenia

Year: 2017

Color Scheme:

The re-branding of Classic Authentic Burger Joint was initiated to make it really classy...and sassy. This joint is the bold representative of classicism among other burger chains like it could be in art or music. The writing “classic” was created by hand bearing in mind the symphonies and notes floating in black. Every letter is a playing note.

The main brand colors as may be expected are black and white. But what adds juice to the brand is yellow. It isn't applied anywhere as logo background but it serves as a sauce of the brand to remind it's still burger chain. 
The main brand elements that can be seen applied in the interior and on packaging design are the lines which collect the notes on them and create melodies of mouth-watering fries and burgers. But besides reflecting the base music composition this lines reflect the paint strains that bring in the art part. 
Recommendation: Play the music while scrolling

Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Christina Arutyunova

Branding Director: Karen Babajanyan

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