Brioche boulangerie Branding

Client: Croissant Ltd.

Country: Armenia

Year: 2014

Color Scheme:

The challenge was to rebrand "Croissant" bakery that was functioning for more than 10 years in Armenia and already had its loyal customers. So we had to create a totally new brand but at the same time maintain the traditional image of French bakery. We called the bakery Brioche and created a concept which was reflected in the slogan “Start the day with Brioche”. This idea became also a basis for creating logo which was made by presenting the cock, one of the symbols of France, in the croissant outline. The colors we selected for the brand aimed to create the warm and transparent atmosphere of traditional French bakery thus contributing to the customers’ daily purchases. After fully realizing the idea development we were happy to do the branding of Brioche cafe and boulangerie.

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Specialist

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Alexander Hovhannisyan

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