Brioche Bakery Website Brioche Bakery Website

Brioche Bakery Website

Client: Croissant LLC

Type: Website

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

 The rebranding of the bakery with 10 years of history and numerous loyal customers can be really challenging. But not for us! Croissant, the bakery functioning for more than 10 years in Armenia, has undergone full rebranding and became a totally new place named Brioche. This place serves delicious dishes, freshly baked pastry every day and sells amazing variety of french breads. The idea for logo came from the symbol of France, a cock, which comes in a shape of croissant on the sign of Brioche. The color palette was chosen in accordance with the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the bakery. With a bold and catchy slogan “Start the day with Brioche”, this French bakery invites everyone for a delicious snack and full course meal. After full rebranding was done, we also created a website where you can find the menu and read more about the bakery.


Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Samvel Hovsepyan

Project Manager: Karen Babajanyan

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