"Bardzr" book design

Client: Zuzi

Country: Armenia

Year: 2016

Color Scheme:

Zuzi is the pseudonym of an amateur writer who has been poetizing for quite long time but only this year decided and found her courage to publish a book of her poems. So she wanted the book to have a design and illustrations that would take the reader to the core and reflect the sense of the lines. The illustrations were not to draw away the reader and divert but to help going deeper.

To embody Zuzi’s and our ideas we collaborated with a talented illustrator Anahit Margaryan and after having her illustrations on the paper we designed the book as you can see and appreciate it.

After we read the poems we took time to comprehend the heart of the book and chose as the main colors black and yellow. It may be difficult to explain why yellow but our perception was as that. It may become clearer if you spend an evening with the poems…

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic designer

Tigran Artenyan


Anahit Margaryan

Project manager

Eduard Kankanyan

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