Areni Region Branding Areni Region Branding

Areni Region Branding

Client: Vayots Dzor Governor’s office and Heifer International Armenia

Type: Branding, Logo Design

Country: Armenia

Year: 2014

Color Scheme:

The challenge was to do the branding for the whole Areni region to make it more attractive place to be visited and boost tourism in that region.

Studying Areni and surrounding regions we found inspiration in the vineyards and withdrew the most typical element of the region, the grape. It became the core idea and drove the logo creation process. We created ornaments that reminded of open 8 or circle shapes. Later we set those shapes together and elaborated them in such a way that together they made the picture of a bunch of grapes. We designed and developed the font and typography specially for the region naming. So, merging the grape shape and the text we created a logo that fully describes the region and makes you feel the warmness of it.

Art Director: Eduard Kankanyan

Designer: Alexandr Hovhannisyan

Project Manager: Karen Babajanyan

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