Aragast Tour Agency Re-branding

Client: Aragast Tour Agency

Country: Armenia

Year: 2018

Color Scheme:

After meeting the founder of the agency and getting deeper into the industry specifications we caught the main approach this team of professionals shows to their clients and started the branding process. We created the brand based on already existing name of the company and defined mission. Considering all this points, we came up with several suggestions.   The final version of the logo was created with the warm colors of the nature of Armenia that are also associated with the hospitality and warm welcoming that always impresses incoming tourist of Armenia. The triangles used to construct the logo were taken from the Aragast (which means sail in Armenian) shape. And to emphasize the Armenian character of the logo we added traditional Armenian ornament that can be seen on carpets and other elements of cultural heritage.   

Art Director & Designer

Eduard Kankanyan

Graphic designer

Anush Aleksanyan

Project manager

Masha Hayrapetyan

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