All Day Vending Machines

Client: Eduard Melkonyan

Country: Armenia

Year: 2015

Color Scheme:

The challenge was naming, branding and creating a logo for a company that intended to place vending machines in Yerevan. These vending machines differ from the others by providing payment services, snacks and drinks for 24 hours 7 days a week. Considering this advantage we decided to name the brand “All Day”. 

As the mission of the company was not only providing convenient services but also fill the day with positive emotions we chose bright yellow as a brand color. To hit their goal we offered to serve coffee and other drinks in branded cups with different motivating quotes and sayings such as “You will definitely be there on time”, “No more sorrow”, “Everything will be OK”.

Besides by placing the vending machines on the map of Yerevan we aim to create a special guide where All Day machines will show all the highlights and spectacular places that are worth to visit in our city. Thus All Day will become a peculiar guide for tourists and one more interesting and pleasant novelty for the citizens. 

Art Director

Eduard Kankanyan

Branding Specialist

Karen Babajanyan

Graphic designer

Natalie Mkrtumyan

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