About Us

Every day we change our reality through the creation and development of brands. For over 8 years we have been helping Armenian companies develop and transform in their fields. For so many years, the Braind team has gained quite a lot of experience in the areas of communication with customers, formulating marketing tasks, logo design, restaurant branding, web programming and effective solutions. We consider branding and design the ability to express the most complex ideas in the simplest way. They primarily provide comfort and functionality, and only then appearance. We create brands that have character, personality and ability to differ.

Our Services

Brand Book

Brand Book (Brand Guidelines) is a strategic guide for managing your brand and corporate identity. Brand Book includes complete brand information - rules for building a logo, corporate identity elements, the use of fonts and colour codes data.



Braind helps companies to effectively manage their image and sales, using the full potential of the online environment. When developing corporate websites, online stores or mobile applications, we create new high-quality platforms that take into account all the UI-UX design rules. Creating simple, clear and convenient sites, we test them at all stages.

Logo Design

Braind develops logos and corporate identity. Logo design is created for the most effective positioning and differentiation of the brand. 


Developing a brand name is subject to registration as a trademark, taking into account the company's marketing goals and brand positioning strategy. With its experience of creating and developing brands Braind is the market leader.

Packaging Design

Product packaging is one of the main branding tools, through which the target consumer visually gets acquainted with the product and forms the corresponding opinion. Packaging design includes basic information that allows the consumer to evaluate the content of the product and its benefits.

Social Media Marketing

We develop a strategic plan that clearly states how to build your business in social networks (Facebook, Instagram). Our task is to find competitive advantages of your business and effectively promote them on social media platforms.


The brand causes a positive response from the consumer, makes the product more recognizable. Main goal of branding is to establish a significant and easily differentiated presence in the market and to attract and retain loyal customers.

Restaurant Branding

  Restaurant branding is not just about the logo, it’s about the expectation of dining experience the brand identity creates. It is the brand image that must be easily memorized so the customer could recommend it. So how you can tell people what’s your restaurant about and make them remember and differentiate you?