Top 10 Accounts on Armenian Instagram

By Eduard Kankanyan | 28 April, 2016

հայերեն տարբերակ

Scrolling Instagram newsfeed you have surely noticed that recently there are appearing the posts labeled “Sponsored”.  Advertising campaigns and posts aren’t new to us but in Armenia they were activated a few months ago. I suppose, this happened because of the Armenian Instagram users’ growth. Though Instagram doesn’t provide any data concerning its users’ quantity, from Facebook Ads Analytics one’s can see that their number is 170.000.

Despite the fact that the quantity of Facebook users, which is approximately 900,000, is strongly prevailing on Instagram users, their behavior significantly differs from each other. If the registering in Facebook is MUST because everyone is on FB and not being there is at least something weird, Instagram is the social network where people feel more open and frank. FB reflects our society where everybody knows everything about each other. Instagram is your private space. Here are the main features that make Instagram more attractive both for business and users:

  1. You don’t need to follow back the people who follow you. As a result in your newsfeed, you see only the content that interests you.
  2. Instagram isn’t so much popular among the older generation yet. So posting photos from yesterday party you don’t have to worry that your mom, uncle, aunt or granny will see them.
  3.  Your action like commenting, following and likes are not seen on the other users’ newsfeed.
  4. The content of posts on Instagram is of higher quality as people spend more time on choosing photos and filters while each and all the photos ( both good and bad) appear on FB.
  5. The photos where you are also tagged don't appear in the Instagram newsfeed. So the failed photos of you taken by your friend won't be seen by everybody.
  6. There are no links on Instagram, so the newsfeed is not flooded with advertisement and “shocking” news.

To conclude, I present the Top 10 of Armenian Instagram. In Armenia as all over the world, the most followers have representatives of show business. And from the very beginning of Armenian Instagram’s history Sirusho had leading position and didn’t let anyone to come closer. But Armenian Instagram also had its “epic” moments like Edgar Artis’s coming up. In a few months he gathered thousands of followers and conquered the first place in Armenian Instagram’s Top 10*:


  1. Edgar Artis @edgar_artis 167K

  2. Sirusho @sirushoofficial  122k (verified)

  3. Lilit Hovhannisyan @lilithovhannisyan  119k

  4. Arpi Gabrielyan @arpigabriela  100k

  5. Aga Kankanyan @agamakeupartist 88.5k

  6. Nazeni Hovhannisyan @nazenihovhannisyan 85.1k

  7. Ani Yeranyan @ani_yeranyan 81k

  8. Dave Waldorf @dave_waldorf  80,7k

  9. Mihran Tsarukyan @mirantsarukyan 69.8k

  10. Gor Hakobyan @gor_hakobyan_ 63,5k

*Top 10 is not official and was made in result of our research.

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