First Craft Brewery in Armenia

By Anna Harutyunyan | 18 April, 2016

հայերեն տարբերակ

Did you know that one of the best beers in the world is made by some Belgium monks in their own monastery (located deep in Belgium countryside)? Well, it is a general truth that Belgium, Germany, and the USA are the top three countries that produce the best beers. Moreover, they are the countries that offer top innovations in the brewing industry. One such innovation is the establishment of craft breweries where people can drink beer and watch how it is being made in real time. 

While wine lovers pride themselves in their opportunity of having special dishes/cheese to combine with various sorts of wine, most craft breweries offer their own craft beer and food pairings to their visitors. I guess you are already thinking about how superb it would be to have such a craft brewery in Armenia too. Well, the reality is that we already got one in Yerevan.

Braind’s task was to offer a branding solution and a logo for the craft brewery in Armenia. As soon as we got the task, we started researching materials about the Armenian brewing history. Beer is an element of culture and it is hard to say where and when it all started. In addition, though there is plenty of information about the countries that are good at making beer, actual recipes for ancient beer are too difficult to find.

Each culture has created its own way of crafting beer. For example, Armenians used pure mountain water and barley husks to craft beer. Xenophon, an Athenian commentator and soldier, testifies that Armenians were drinking beer in as early as 4th century BC. More interestingly, Xenophon refers to the Armenian drink as “barley wine” that was being served in huge bowls and was drunk communally from straws in order for the drinker to reach the clearer beer and to enhance the pleasure of drinking.

Besides, soldiers of the Roman empire were referring to the Armenian beer as a“bitter drink.” Having this in mind, we tried to interconnect the perception of Armenia as an ancient country and the perception of beer as an ancient bitter drink into one single idea. Hence, when creating the trademark of the craft brewery, we got inspired by the Babylonian Map of the World that dates back to the 5th century BC. The map is a depiction of the known world from the perspective of Babylonia. It is incised on a clay tablet which now resides at the British Museum. The map is circular with two outer defined circles. Cuneiform script labels all locations inside the circular map, as well as a few regions outside. The two outer circles represent water in between and is labeled as "'river' of 'bitter' water", the salt sea. One more awesome fact here: Armenia is the only modern country that can be found in this map.

This is the Babylonian Map of the World

Bitter River is translated as Dargett in Armenian. Hence, the logo of craft brewery is inspired both from the word combinations “Bitter River” and “Bitter drink’’ and from the Babylonian Map of the World. The logo appears to be the stylized version of the map.

Here is how the brewery looks like

You do not need to be a beer connoisseur to appreciate this magic. You can just come to Dargett to taste real beer made in real time in an industrial atmosphere.  

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